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Windows Live Writer - finally there is a better blogging tool

notes from ClifNotes, review snippets from DigitalZen, Paul Stamatiou, Aug 2006, permalink


From Clif

I first heard details of this cool new blogging tool from my good friend Bill at his Digital Zen blog. Since then, I've heard little else but praise. Here are some snippets from reviews I've seen. Not too many of us have our own blog yet, but if you do, you should check this program out.


Note: Requires Microsoft .NET framework, 60mb Download (newer PC's may alread have this)


From Bill at Digital Zen

I’m generally a gleeful Micro$oft basher, but I really like Live Writer. I find myself finding excuses to use it, it’s so clean and simple. Another thing I like about it is the simplicity of the HTML it produces. Anyone who has fooled around with code from Word has come to hate the mess that it creates. Live Writer, on the other hand, produces code that will paste into and display well in just about anyplace I’ve tried it--including Blogger, Writely, Moveable Type and here at Backwash.com, which makes it a pretty capable WYSIWYG HTML editor, too ... read more


Update from Bill - June 2007

Just looked over Windows Live Writer Beta 2. It's a bit faster than Beta 1, and has many more options, including template controls. That alone makes it a winner in my book.


It's going to be hard to beat ScribeFire for speed and convenience, but if you're looking for control WLW beats it hands down.


I'm not saying either of these are equal to or better than any other editors because, frankly, I don't have experience with any others. Either of these serve my needs, and as I said above, I couldn't care less about bells and whistles like social site integration–or social sites themselves, for that matter.


Heck…I'm keeping them both.


From Paul Stamatiou

I have never been fond of using blogging tools and always stuck with the WordPress admin panel for two main reasons: live preview when you save a post and the ability to save drafts online instead of locally on the computer. Well ladies and gents, Windows Live Writer does, gasp, both of these things all within a Microsoft Word-like environment ... read more




Quote from Microsoft

Welcome to the Windows Live Writer team blog! We are excited to announce that the Beta version of Windows Live Writer is available for download today. Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service.


Download: http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/


Any comments?