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VJPEG - quick and unique image viewer

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Image Viewers


Pete wrote in a comment on my last review of IrfanView. He mentioned a little image viewer called vjpeg. It supports JPG, BMP, and GIF and it sounds like a great alternative to Windows Preview.


From Pete:

I'm certainly a fan of Irfanview as well and have used it for years and the author Irfan Skiljan never seems to tire of improving it (well,I'm guessing).


But for a fast view of a single picture or two, there's nothing that can beat VJPEG


It's my default - everything else is on my right click menu.


For a tiny app it has more features than you might expect.

Pity not many people seem to know about it.


PLEASE BE AWARE that VJPEG will associate itself with .jpg .gif and .bmp and give them its icon and type (VJPG files). You will have to re-associate those files with another program if you don't like this.


Quote from the website

The idea here is "images as objects" so once they're open, you drag them around the screen by clicking and dragging. That's it. If you push them against the top or left edge of the screen, they "stick" for a while and resize to stay on the screen (that means you get live zooming.)




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