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TubeSucker - a unique way to snag and play videos

review from ClifNotes, Jun 2007, permalink Misc. Multimedia Tools


Everybody loves YouTubeDotCom.


My wife and I have spent hours there at times, just looking at some of the odd-ball stuff people have shared. I've found a few ways to download those videos so I could share them with other folks who don't surf as much as I do. One of the most unique applications I've seen for grabbing YouTube videos is called TubeSucker.


Firstly, I'll mention that this is a free program, but not true freeware. I'd call it LiteWare because the free version doesn't include many features that the paid versions do. I have no problems with that idea and I've used many Liteware or CrippleWare applications in the past. You just have to decide if you can put up with the occasional grayed out feature or the occasional message telling you to upgrade.


Some good things:

■ The search box is nice, but like many of the options in TubeSucker, it's not something you can't do at YouTube on your own.

■ After you find a video you like, just click on the download button. Like many of the features in TubeSucker, the buttons and other features don't stand out and can be hard to spot at first. Look around at the program for awhile to get familiar with the features.

■ The "Play" tab allows you to play videos, music, and display images that you have downloaded. The videos are listed on the left very nicely and it's easy to navigate through folders to find saved items you are looking for.

■ Once you are playing a video, you can easily change back and forth between windowed and full screen mode.


Some bad things:

■ The program contacts it's home website to look for updates every time you launch it. Some folks really hate that, but many of us have figured out how to block that when we want to.

■ The browser on the search page is Internet Explorer and you can't choose the the browser you'd like to use (such as Firefox).

■ The video player it uses is actually Windows Media Player (WMP). I think WMP is bloatware but I guess it makes sense for the author to take advantage of the fact that it comes pre-installed on all Windows machines.

■ The author left way too many unusable (paid) features in this free version and he asks you to upgrade every time you try to use one.



I like this program but I doubt if I'll keep it for long. I typically use UnPlug, a Firefox extension, when I want to snag videos from websites.


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Quote from the website

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader makes downloading videos from the internet and watching them from your PC or TV quick and easy.