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Trashmail.net - Free temporary email forwarding

Trashmail Website - Free email service

reviewed by ClifNotes, Jan 2006

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Notes from Clif

SamF in alt.comp.freeware made this statement, I would like to find a disposable e mail address that will allow me to receive attachments. Ideally this would be a forwarding service but I will take what I can get..

I was curious to see what the members came up with in answer. There were some suggestions to take out an account at some of the free services like Gmail and Hotmail. A fellow by the name of Horst mentioned an email service that I thought was really cool.


Trashmail lets you fill out a simple form at their website. You chose a new email address like "DontSpamMe2006@trashmail.net" and then you tell them what your real address is. Finally you select the number of times that they will forward mail from the new address to your real address. It sure doesn't get much simpler than this. Now when you sign up for a freebie online and don't want to get any spam, just use a new Trashmail address until your are sure it's safe to use your real address.





Create a free disposable email address! It's really easy to use: Create a new email address on trashmail.net. All mails to this address will be forwarded to your real email address for a number of times you can set up on the following form. When the limit is reached, the Trashmail.net email address will be automatically deleted. All following mails (like spam, newsletter, etc) will be rejected at Trashmail.net.