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Tidy Start Menu - a quick way to organize your programs

review from ClifNotes, updated Jul 2007, permalink Desktop Tools


The Programs folder under my Start menu gets mixed up very quickly. I sometimes use this program to clean it up.


The program can be confusing to use the first time. Paul wrote in to ask me about it.


Hey Clif,


I know you like to review software, particularly freeware. Wonder if you would take a look at the freeware version of Tidy Start Menu at www.tidystartmenu.com to see if I missed something. The freeware version appears to do absolutely nothing. I sent an email to the developer to commenting on that, but have not heard from him. I have found that most freeware at least does something, but I have found no redeeming value in having this piece of freeware on my computer. That's why I'm wondering if I just missed something.


I'd be interested in your thoughts.





The free version of Tidy Start Menu is what some might call "Crippleware". The author left many of the paid features in the free version as grayed out menu items. This can be confusing ...


Hi Paul,


I just downloaded it and tried it again. I quickly found that you must ignore the grayed out category buttons. To use the program, choose the category you wish to manage and then place check marks beside the programs that you want to include in that category. Do this with each category and your Start Menu will soon be organized. There is no "save" button, just exit the program when you are done organizing.




Quote from the website

As time goes by, the list of the programs in the Start Menu becomes too long. As a result, each time you want to launch a program, it takes too much time to find it in the menu.


The "Tidy Start Menu" program will help you to put the menu in order and make your work comfortable.