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Stick Soldiers II - a simple but very challeging game

review by Nipun, Oct 2005, permalink


I recently received a letter from Nipun, asking about a good way to create flash banners. Shortly after I had answered him, I got curious and did a search on his nickname. The review below is what I found and I later got permission from Nipun to reprint it. Thank you Nipun.


By the way, I tried this game out for a short time and got my butt kicked very quickly.


Quote from Nipun

Very cool game


Pros: It's like unreal tournament mixed with N and is super fast so you're gonna need bullet-time a lot. Many mods, levels and weapons are available for download to keep the game interesting.


Cons: Aiming can be hard at times and if you're downloading this for the first time make sure that you get a copy of the manuual from the developer's official website (a link appears at the end of each session of playing) because the controls are very confusing and the download does not have a help section.



StickSoldiers Help


It looks like StickSoldiers3 is either ready for release, or close to it.