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Kid Protect your PC using Windows SteadyState

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Virtualization Software


Here's nice tutorial on setting up your PC to be kid, friend, and relative resistant. It was recommended by my friend Zia at CyberNirvana. I have not tried this, but I will be re-installing XP soon. I'm pretty sure that this app will be high on my list as a "first install" after all the stupid Windows Updates.


Quote from LifeHacker.com:

When you've got your Windows XP or Vista setup running perfectly, you don't want to lose all your painstaking customizations to a reckless tot, an experiment-minded friend or spouse, or a rogue system-lousing program. Windows SteadyState, as we mentioned earlier this week, helps you to create a kind of virtual rubber room those types can play around in and not really harm anything. SteadyState can also restrict web site access for innocent eyes, set timer limits on user access, and get better control of those other folks who use your computer—in other words, SteadyState makes you the Grand Master Sysadmin of your single-unit empire. Let's take a look at setting up SteadyState and get familiar with a few of its key features. read the rest of the article