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Spyware Terminator - a challenger for Windows Defender

review by Rocker452, Oct 2006, permalink, _ Adware & Spyware Removal


Recently, my friend BillAllin told us how Windows Defender can't be trusted to work on a Windows 2000 PC. After reading one of the comments to his article, he plans on trying out Spyware Terminator.


This anti-spyware program has not arrived on the scene without a bit of controversy. The company that has developed Spyware Terminator, was also affiliated with adware distributors. They were black-listed at SpywareWarrior's website, but have since been removed from that list. In fact, SpywareWarrior plans on reviewing this program soon to see if he can recommend it.


Spyware Terminator was also recently recommended by Gizmo Richards in the TechSupportAlert newsletter.




Rocker452 wrote the following:

The one I use is Spyware Terminator and it is free. It is listed as working on any windows OS from 98 on. I use to use Defender myself but found this one to work better and I saw somewhere a review of it (don't recall where) that showed it haveing a better detection rate than Defender. One of the best things is

it has real time protection and HIPS which is usually only found in the paid apps.


I have been using it for several months now and it does the job. The scans are faster than with Defender although not by much and it updates regularly. It is the only free program I think that offers the real time and HIPS protection. Some of the tests results I've seen don't show it as having as good a removal rate as Defender but I really can't tell seeing as all it detects on mine are cookies and it removes them with no problem. If you want to use these comments feel free to do so and thanks for a great newsletter.