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SpamhOle - spam goes down the hole

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Get a free temporary email address that forwards to your real email. It's simple and you control how long the address remains alive. You can use it to sign up for a service if you aren't sure it's very good or if you are afraid they are going to spam you and sell your address to others. See SpamGourmet for a similar service.


Quote from the website - If you're anything like the average internet user, you get spam email nearly every day. These are unsolicited commerical emails that advertize things like "Make Money FAST $$$$" and "Hot Chicks waiting for YOU!". You didn't ask to start receiving these emails and you don't know how to get off their lists. Every new email address you get starts getting bombarded with these emails within a few months; you've started to wonder if the only way to aviod a deluge of Spam mail is by not giving out your email address.


We have the solution.