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PlacesBar Constructor - tells Windows your favorite places

Website - Freeware

review by Whip at ACF, 28 Oct 2005


Notes from Clif

Often times, when you use the file open or save dialog in programs, there is a side bar there that has common locations you might want to get files from or put files in. This program promises to allow you to change those locations or "places" to the ones your really want. I'd try this one myself, but I use a similar program already. Whip, a member of alt.comp.freeware has graciously offered to share his little spin on PlacesBar Constructor.


Review from Whip

I tried this utility a bit. It's not bad, but pretty basic, especially as compared to the other such program you reviewed a short while ago and to which maybe you're referring, FolderView. PlacesBar stumped me at first, since I didn't realize you had to click on the top, left of center area "Custom" to select customizable favorites. It's nice, though, that it comes with 5 most-often used locations; however, even customized, you only get five folders maximum. Not exactly for the power-user, but may be OK for lite use.


That being said, I much, much prefer Folder View, since it's so much more customizable, and you have options to add as many folders as you need, not limited to just five as with PlacesBar Constructor. In fact, when I first tried FV, I accidentally selected my entire hard disk!


Folder View has so many options it's takes a bit of getting used to. It also has a nice brief help manual, which PlacesBar Constructor doesn't


However, it you just want a simple, quick access to not more than five locations -- either the five defaults, or by customizing thise five to your basic needs, this freeware app may fit the bill for some.





PlacesBar Constructor is a free utility for Windows ME, 2000, XP and 2003 that allows you to customize the "PlacesBar" that appears on the left side of the Open and Save dialogs in most applications. The PlacesBar is a set of shortcuts to commonly-used folders, but wouldn't it be more useful if you could determine what "commonly used" means for yourself, instead of letting Microsoft define it for you? That's where PlacesBar Constructor