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PC Tools Firewall Plus - free edition

review from ClifNotes, Nov 2007, permalink Personal Firewalls


Every now and then I try a new firewall. I saw this one and just had to try it. PC Tools is normally thought of as being one of the top providers of Anti-Spyware applications. Have you ever heard of SpywareDoctor?


This is a new offering from PC Tools and I didn't expect it to be as good as I have found it. So far, it reminds me of older versions of ZoneAlarm. It's easy to install and easy to use. I can't speak about how good it's protection is, but I'm certain that I am better off with this firewall than I am by using only the Windows default firewall. Please comment below if you have more info on this free firewall.


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Quote from the website

New smart Application Rules


PC Tools Firewall Plus now incorporates a set of new smart application rules, designed to make it simpler and easier for you to continue working with minimal interference from your Firewall.


Technically, using the Application Rules within PC Tools Firewall Plus, you can create a heuristic set of rules that control how applications are allowed to connect to the Internet/network and their permissions on your PC. If an application attempts to connect to the Internet/network and there are no corresponding rules, Firewall Plus will allow you to choose how the application should behave.

Stealth Mode protection


Firewall Plus provides you with extra protection via its Stealth Mode feature which enables your system to appear invisible to other computers in the network. When in Stealth Mode, your computer is able to make connections to other computers in the network, but Firewall Plus will prevent other computers from connecting with yours.

Data validation using SPI – stateful packet inspection


Firewall Plus offers extra protection by validating all attempts to access your computer when connected to the internet. No data is permitted to transfer unless if has first been validated by Firewall Plus.


Firewall Plus validates data using SPI – stateful packet inspection – in which it performs a protocol handshake and if successful allows data transfer, otherwise all traffic is blocked - ensuring no unauthorised data is transferred onto your computer.

Application protection


Firewall Plus offers additional application protection by guarding all the applications on your PC from unauthorized access. Enabling this option will shield applications on your system from other applications attempting to take control of them and potentially use them for malicious purposes.

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