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Opera - fastest internet browser, easy to use

Website - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes on 9/24/05



I've been using Opera on and off, ever since version 3. Through all the years Opera was offered as an ad supported program. It was free, but there was a section at the top that displayed advertisements. I wasn't happy about that and I could have paid for the program to remove the advertisements. Instead, I kept using it and ignored the ads. I use Opera because it's a full featured tabbed browser with great security, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, integrated web search, skins, a password manager, built in RSS feed reader, usenet news reader, IRC chat, an email program, and so many other features that you could write a book about them. I've never had to tweak Opera with toolbars or plugins. It's all there to begin with and it's been rated as the fastest web browser in at least one independent review. Opera also has a huge user group so you can always find someone to help when you need it. Opera is great for newbies and gives power users all they need.


This is the tenth anniversary for the Opera browser and suddenly the folks at Opera.com have decided that I've waited long enough. They removed all the ads! Happy 10th Birthday!



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FAST - Users can access their favorite features quickly with keyboard shortcuts, while mouse gestures make navigation a breeze. Users can also return instantly to previously viewed pages (new download of page not required). SECURE - Opera delivers unique information in the address bar which indicates a site's trustworthiness. Users can also delete the trace of their browsing session with one click (e.g. passwords and other log-in information). EASY TO USE - The clean, intuitive user interface allows for easy navigation. Moreover, users do not need to download additional extensions to access a wide range of features. Everything is available in one tightly coded package. Opera has also made the browser swapping process easier by detecting whether the user has Java installed and by simplifying the transfer of bookmarks/favorites. STANDARDS-APPROVED - Opera adheres closely to Web standards set by the W3C and works with other industry players to promote open standards. A DEVELOPER'S TOOL - Webmasters can use Opera to test and validate their Web pages according to open standards and also to demonstrate how their page will appear on mobile phones.