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  Freeware websites  Oldversion.com - Find long lost programs 
 Oldversion.com specializes in providing old versions of popular programs. Not all of them are freeware. Many of them are a mix of freeware versions with later versions becoming shareware or trialware. A friend of mine at work complained that the new version of Adobe Acrobat was really slow to load. I told him to check out Oldversion.com. He dumped the new version and now he's happy with an older one.
List from the website: http://www.oldversion.com/
aim   eudora   icq   icqlite   mirc   msn messenger   ventrilo   yahoo messenger   acdsee   webpics   irfanview   swish   terragen   divx   itunes   music match   quicktime   real jukebox   real   virtualdub   winamp   windows media player   aol   bullet proof ftp   compuserve   getright   gozilla   ms internet explorer   juno   opera   cutemx   dc++   kazaa   kazaalite   limewire  morpheus   napster   scour   winmx   acrobat   adaware   clonecd   deadaim   directx   jv16   nero   powarc   winace   winrar   winzip   zone alarm