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My French Dictionary - choose pictures for the French words

Website - Cool Website

reviewed by Tiffany, 27 Dec 2005

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Notes from Tiffany

Who says an educational site can't be interesting and enjoyable? "My French Dictionary" (http://www.my-french-dictionary.com/) was today's "Cool Site of the Day" (http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com/), another favorite of mine. This is an incredibly easy way to learn a new language while having a great time. With bright, colorful photos and easy to read text, kids will think it's a game, while adults will find it entertaining and fun. I would recommend this site for all ages; from young children to senior citizens.


Pick a word and look it up, then choose a photo of your item to see the English pronunciation as well as the French. Now, excuse me while I go feed "le chat" (cat) and "le chien" (dog)!



larger picture


Quote from my-french-dictionary.com

  • The dictionary is a sample of useful words.
  • Feedback is welcome, however I am a computer consultant and not a linguistics person.
  • Please do not send me email for word translations.