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Mepis 6.0 Final Release

review by 2 PC Geeks, comments from Clif, Jul 2006


Last week Joe at 2 PC Geeks wrote in with this review of Mepis 6. Mepis is a free Linux operating system that will install easily on most PCs. I've recently been trying another version of Linux called Ubuntu which is closely related to Mepis. After reading Joe's article, I may switch to Mepis.


From Joe:


Now that Windows 98 and Me have reached the end of their support cycle, many folks are wary about no longer receiving security updates, and for good reason. Windows XP SP1 loses support by Microsoft in October. Are these systems going to be easy prey for for virus and malware writers? Are the antivirus and anti-malware software solutions going to continue to support these older operating systems? Can your older hardware support an upgrade to Windows XP SP2? Older systems are definitely not a candidate for the upcoming Windows Vista, so what is one to do? Maybe you are just plain tired of Microsoft's latest scare tactics and invasion of your privacy with their "spyware" called WGA. It may be time for you to consider an alternative to Windows and switch to the latest release of Mepis 6. read more



image from mepislovers.org


Read more of Joe's article at 2 PC Geeks.

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