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LemonScreen - just your smile is all you need to login

Posted by ClifNotes, Jun 2008, permalink Security Tools


Rodney wrote in with a review of LemonScreen. This application is a screensaver that uses your webcam as a facial recognition lock for your computer. If it doesn't recognize you, it won't let you log in.


Lemonscreen is a simple Screen Saver in beta right now. From the faq: "With a simple webcam, facial features are captured to build a statistical representation of the face. No picture is stored on your harddrive (or anywhere else) but only your face model (binary format). You only need a correctly configured webcam and 5MB on your harddrive."



This program is easy to use, but is by no means foolproof. Having checked their forum, I found that Ctrl+Alt+Del will start the Windows taskmanager. This will allow you to stop the LemonScreen service, hence giving you access to the system once again. I found a simple application at [http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_taskmgrenab.htm}Doug Knox's website] that will allow you to disable the task manager so that LemonScreen cannot be disabled. I also found out that the more you update your model, the easier it is for other faces to be reconized. When I am going to use this on my laptop, I delete my model and make a new one, updating it twice in the same sitting. This gives me good consistent response. Good lighting with no facial shadows also makes for a good model.


Please go to the forum for known drawbacks to this "Beta" program.


If I am out in public with my laptop I don't leave it unattended, even for a restroom break. I read that when a laptop was tethered to a table leg, one thief had been seen lifting the table to get it off the leg. The sad part is that onlookers at the time did not even try to stop him.


Have fun with this program. It looks promising.


Best Regards,

Rodney R.