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World's Largest Pumpkin Pie

article by ClifNotes on 10/08/05



Nothing much exciting happens here in Ohio this time of the year. Yeah, we have a few Oktoberfest parties and everyone has too much beer and food. That's about it.


My wife, my parents and I visited New Bremen, Ohio and witnessed an earth-shattering event. Well, maybe not that big, but yes, it was big. It was 12 feet in diameter, 4 inches thick and it weighed 2020 pounds. It was the world's largest pumpkin pie. It easily defeated last year's winner which was nearly 500 pounds. What did it taste like? Well, we left the party just as they finished weighing it in and when my wife and I came back a few hours later they had stopped serving it. We did get to taste it, and it was very very good.



By Respect2Glory

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6 foot Clif is squatting next to huge pumpkins. Man, these were so huge that I kept thinking about how much fun I had climbing as a kid. It's been a long time since I've thought about climbing fun things.


Clif and Rod (Clif's Dad) next to these huge pumpkins. There were at least a dozen of these pumpkins on pallets. We couldn't smell the pie baking. It was under the next tent. It was only the wind's direction that kept me from the aroma I wanted to crave.


Peeking Window - Do you see the pie crust's curved edge?

I should have gotten a shot of this magnificent oven as well. No mortar in these seams, just a well governed cook box of bricks lined in foil, and the rollers were setup for Crown's Lift Truck to carry the pie to the judging tent.


Peeking Window - I turned my flash off for a 12 foot pie closeup. The aroma was taking over in my thoughts and I wanted badly to taste this pie.


4 Chefs + the judges weighing the World's Record Pumpkin Pie as the locals look on, (and everybody taking deep yummy breaths from this gorgeous pie)! There were many wowing cheers of "Ooh's and Ah's" as the pie seemed to float into the center of the tent. When the judges announced the actual weight the cheers were filled with "Woo Hoo's" and whistles as the crowd applauded the cooks.


The World's Record - A 12' Pumpkin Pie weighs 2020 pounds!!!

Clif and I sneaked back to New Bremen hoping to snag a taste. Only to find that the pie was only served until 8:00pm, then the rest was retired back into the oven. The table of pie plates had just emptied before we arrived. (AW, I was so disappointed!)


World Record 12' Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Wow, is all I could say when I saw this masterpiece!


Here are two more pictures that a friend gave us.

The tent they cooked the pie in was colored orange and black. When we were inside the tent, the light shining through the tent canvas gave everything an eerie orange glow.




Quote from our local festival guide

The New Bremen Giant Pumpkin growers will attempt to break the world record on October 8, 2005 with a pumpkin pie 12 feet in diameter. The current world record stands at 6'3". The pie will be 4" thick and will weigh approximately 1,500 lbs.