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Javascript password generator - don't use the same password everywhere

Posted by ClifNotes, Sep 2008, permalink Password Tools


I recently read an article about someone who's email account had been hacked. How does something like that usually happen?


I've heard that this happens most often because many of us use easy to guess passwords. My typical passwords aren't very long and I also tend to use the same password over and over again. I'm sure many of you do the same thing.


Recently I decided to make it much harder for anyone to get into any of my accounts and I have changed quite a few of the passwords for my online accounts. The problem is remembering them once you've made a change. I needed a tool or service to help me remember the passwords.


Here's what I wanted:

1. A tool that accepts a master password to unlock all my passwords

2. Something that I don't have to install

2. It must be portable

3. I must be able to use it offline if needed


I often use AiRoboform to help me remember passwords at home. It's not what I'd call portable though. I don't even want to have to carry a thumbdrive if I don't have to. That leaves out most software and limits me to something I can use in a web browser.


I looked for a good online service to help me keep track of my new passwords. At first, I didn't find anything that I liked. Then I remembered that I had once stumbled upon some simple java-script password generators that I could use. An additional benefit is that this page would belong to me and not some other web service.


Here's what I ended up with:

This tiny java script page will combine your master password and the parameter (website name) to create a new long and almost unbreakable password. As long as you remember the parameter and your master password, it will always produce the same longer password.

You can try it for yourself.



The "parameter" field is typically used for the web site's URL or some other identification. If you need a password for an email service, you might use something like myaddress@mymail.com in the parameter field. If you need a password for Yahoo.com, you might use "Yahoo" as the parameter.


The "master password" field is there for you to enter your favorite and easy to remember personal password. You can use the same master password for every web site as long as you have a different parameter for each site.


My generator: http://freewarewiki.com/f/PassHashGen01.htm

Download my generator: http://freewarewiki.com/f/PassHashGen01.zip

I found this code at http://motdepasse.site.voila.fr/ and I've only made some minor visual changes to it.


Here are some other utilities and services I looked at:


Firefox Password Hasher



Password Generator


If you have a password solution that you like to use, let us know in the comments.