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Jarte - a compact free WordPad replacement

review from ClifNotes, Feb 2007, Updated Nov 2007, permalink _ Word Processing


Update: (Thanks to CC for reminding me to check on Jarte again.)

Jarte is now at version 3.0 and also has a portable version. One thing I immediately noticed in this version is that there are three menu/button layout options. If you don't like all the buttons at the top of the page, choose the minimal layout and you simply get the standard menus that you see in most editors.



Review from Clif:

Back in February, Tom in Holland recommended that I take a look at this free word processsor. I typically use the word processor in OpenOffice. I love Open Office but it's a huge program and it takes quite a while to load. For small jobs I really don't need all the power or the wait. I'd been looking for something like Jarte and didn't know it. My only beef with the program is it's unusual interface. Once I'd gotten past that, I found it was very easy to use.



  • I had to load the Office Converter Pack to handle some DOC files that contain images.
  • If you love mathematical equations, you may be able to use the TEXaide editor to paste equations into your documents.
  • To help you get used to the interface, there is a button called "Labels" that labels the buttons for you as shown below.
  • You can add WordWeb, a free English thesaurus and dictionary, and Jarte will use it.




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Quote from a review at CFS

It is hard to criticize this WordPad replacement because it does so much more than WordPad (or most other basic word processors) can do ...


Why use heavyweight word processors when you rarely use even 5% of their functions while programs like Jarte offer 99% of what people use, are much, much faster to load, and which don't take over your desktop.