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HTML Compress - Optimize your HTML code

Website - FreeWare

review by ClifNotes on 9/6/05



"It's too plain, you need some color." Were some of the first comments I had when I showed some people the new wiki format. So, off I went in exploration of the depths of the wiki formatting commands. I found I can use HTML commands here but you have to be very careful about "white space". That means there can't be any extra carriage returns or spaces in the code. This program is one solution that I found. It's not a huge program and it's easy to install. I had trouble figuring out how to use it until I read the help file. Basically, you just drag and drop HTML files onto the empty area of the program window and then hit the lightning bolt to "compress" them. Make sure you are working with copies of the original files. HTML Compress will overwrite the files you drag onto it and it will remove all the white space that is not needed.


Quote from the authors

HTML Compress 5.3 - optimize your code. HTML Compress compresses HTML by removing unnecessary white space characters such as carriage returns, line feeds, spaces and tabs - in effect it is a lossy compression. It also has the capability to remove certain HTML tags. JavaScript, CSS and VBScript can also be subjected to similar compression using this program. Because of the extensible nature of HTML Compress, it can be configured to allow it to optimize other SGML based formats too - basically anything using angled brackets to define "tags". Unlike some compression software, HTML Compress does not remove any of the terminating tags of a tag pair.