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HobComment - a better way to add file and folder comments

Notes from ClifNotes, Feb 2008, permalink File Management


Last week, Grant wrote in to say that he uses an alternative to the Annotsx file comment extension.

Thanks for the great tip Grant!


From Grant:

I am writing about a much better file annotator shell extension alternative to AnnotSX, FileNote or Mike Lin's Clipomatic.


I use "HobComment Explorer Extension v1.07 beta."

The great thing about this is it creates a column in Windows Explorer, so the annotation is always visible. You do not have to rest your cursor over the folder or right click on the folder to see the comment.


- It's a little extension for Windows Explorer. It permits you to add comments for each folder (directories).


- On NTFS partitions, you can add comments for files too.


- You see the comments by adding a new column to display the comments


- You can change the column title in editing this registry key :



- Freeware




I like it so much I add it to any new PC or laptop I build.


  • Install the software.
  • In Windows Explorer, right click the column headers > More > File/Folder Comments > put a check next to it File/Folder Comments > use the up arrow keys to move the File/Folder Comments up in the list so its next to the Name checkbox > OK
  • Now you should see the column in Windows Explorer. Right click on any folder and select Comment.

An empty Comment box will appear. Enter text and press Enter. The comments should appear next to the folder in the Comments column. If it does not appear, click View > Refresh.








HobComment Explorer Extension - comments a file from the right click menu

Notes from ClifNotes, Oct 2007, permalink File Management


Last week I mentioned an article from Gizmo which describes how to use the built in file comment feature in XP. At the end of the article he mentions a freeware tool for adding comments by right clicking on a file or folder.


The standard method of adding comments to a file requires several steps and this is a great shortcut.


Quote from the website

What is HobComment ?


It's a little extension for your Microsoft Explorer. It permits to add/edit comments for each one of your directories.


On your NTFS partitions, you can add/edit comments for each files too.