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NewsGator FeedDemon - the best of both online and on PC

Notes from ClifNotes, Feb 2008, Jan 2009, permalink RSS Feed Readers


I wrote some of this article last year. Since then I've had a chance to try out the NewsGator RSS website. I love it but it's not going to replace Google Reader for me.


NewsGator is the author of the FeedDemon RSS Client. It used to cost a little money to use.


I first read about FeedDemon being free at a blog that interests me. The blog is called ...

Confessions of a freeware junkie


Here is a post that you may find useful.


Quote from the blog:

I've been so torn between keeping my RSS feeds online via Google Reader vs. a local installation, such as Omea. I love the way Omea looks, and how responsive it is after it loads, but I don't like the lengthy startup and shutdown time. Alternatively, I like Google Reader's ability to be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection, but I'm not a fan of the interface.


What to do?


Well, now I can have the best of both worlds! NewsGator's RSS reader, FeedDemon has been available for quite awhile, but for a fee. Since this isn't "Confessions of a freeware junkie" *ahem*, I hadn't looked at it until now - because finally it is available for those of us budget-challenged geeks! ...

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