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Feedback and other Stuff - October 23, 2005

WS_Ftp is no longer freeware

From Gary:

I was down at my daughters for a week several weeks ago and took my Laptop along to watch my email! I wanted to upload a few databases that I upgraded and found out I didn't have WS_FTP or any other FTP software on the computer. I went on to download WS_FTP and found out that it is no longer freeware. I have used it for years. Make a long story short! Do you know of another that compares to WS_FTP and is still freeware?


I use FileZilla. It's open source freeware and it's great.


Update: Oct 24 - Paul wrote to tell me he found Gary's old favorite ftp program at Oldversion.com.

Creating Auto-start CD's

From Gary:

I am also looking for a good freeware program for Auto Starting A CD instead of just the inf file that I have been using.


I rarely create CD's myself, but try here: http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/system/fwcdrtools.html

Added Calendar of Updates link to front page

From TeMerc:

BTW, any chance for us to add a COU banner on the front page? Can't beat it for keeping things updated. And if its already on one of the pages, let me know.


Done deal Tom. Calendar of Updates is a great way to keep all your security programs up to date.

Mostz has more problems than most

Al Mar wrote to tell me that a site I reviewed was down. Later he wrote to say they may be back again.

From Al Mar:

Apparently, mostz.com isn't permanently out of business. The default hosting service page (GoDaddy) has since been replaced with this message today ... Temporary shut down of services. We received over spam complaints from server. MOSTZ.COM will be unavailable for a short time. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Thanks Al Mar. I try out so many web services I sometimes never go back after trying them once.

Tough viruses can be defeated

From Jim:

Hi Clif, I have aquired some nasty viruses ( IRC/ Back Door.SdBot.MYX ) that AVG managed to catch, ( Dropper OX )( Alcan A, worm ) and ( Muugly.I ) which even stops trend-micro from working on, it just will not load, any help, assistance will be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Jim.


Those may be just the tip of the iceberg. I recommend you visit the guys I go to for virus/spyware problems. http://www.temerc.com

Sign up for their forums and you can post your problems there. They are quick to respond and should be able to have you cleaned up within a couple days.

Mailmop is taking money in return for bad service

From Chris:

... in the Tips section there was an item on fighting Spam. I went to a page and on it was an ad for Mailmop. Well, I signed up but had all kinds of problems with the program I asked for my money back and still have not heard back Maybe they deleted it as Spam! This is in no way a reflection on you or your "Notes". I just thought I would warn you. Keep up the good work. Chris


Time for a rant. LOL


Don't buy stuff you can get for free. There are lots of good freeware spam blocking systems out there.


Rule for myself.

I'll never buy a program that I see in an internet ad. I don't want to encourage ads on the web.


General rule for everyone. If it's a popup ad, it's poison. Stay away from it.

If it's an ad in a spam email, same rule applies. Don't bite into Sleeping Beauty's apple.


Thanks for the tip about Mailmop.


To everyone

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