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dsCrypt - good encryption in a small package

commentary by BillWebb, Mar 2006


Hi Clif,


I mentioned that I'd be interested in a program like LockNote if it would deal with .rtf and similar files. I still haven't found one (in a reasonable size) with its own .exe feature, but for anyone who's interested I should have mentioned Dariusz Stanislawek's dsCrypt, available at his site here: (http://freezip.cjb.net/freeware/).


Dariusz' passion is teeny little programs. I don't mean stuff you can run on your USB drive, I mean stuff you can put on a floppy and never remember that it's there. Most of his stuff has to do with encryption, but there's a snazzy little backup tool that I mean to try soon dsCrypt is one of his larger efforts, weighing in at 14 KB for the command line version, and a massive 25 KB (!) for the .exe file with the Windows GUI.


dsCrypt doesn't create an .exe file (it requires a separate file to decrypt data) but it is small enough to include with any file. Drag and drop to encrypt or decrypt. It will handle any kind of file that I've tried, but it won't handle folders. Each file must be encrypted/decrypted separately, making it very clumsy for extended use. Dariusz has another program for folder encryption, but I've never tried it because I use file2file for big jobs: http:// www.cryptomathic.com/file2file/. (I'd probably use file2file for everything, but it can't be run off a floppy or USB drive because it integrates through the Windows shell and requires a separate installation on each machine. In fact, the only way it can be used is by right-clicking a file or folder - or drive.)


Here's what Stanislawek's site has to say:



dsCrypt is AES/Rijndael file encryption software with simple, multi-file, drag-and-drop operations. It features optimal implementation, performance and safety measures. dsCrypt uses an advanced encryption algorithm and offers unique options for enhanced security.



- extensively tested and widely accepted algorithm

- BruteHalt® and exceptional resistance to brute-force password search

- inherent resistance to brute-force key search

- Secure PassPad® and immunity to keylogger-infested environments

- disclosed implementation and source code

- secure use of system resources

- verified data and file processing

- efficient user interface and operation

- speedy performance

- really small executable file

- self-contained and dependency-free

- installation-and-pollution-free

- freeware status and unrestricted distribution



dscrypt.exe v1.10 25kB Windows GUI

dsc.zip v1.00 14kB Windows CLI (command-line)

dsc-src.zip v1.00 25kB source code


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