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Comodo Antivirus - another free AV alternative

Posted by ClifNotes, March 2009, permalink Anti-Virus Tools


Recently I tried out the lastest version of AntiVir. It's good, in fact it's rated as the best pick at Gizmo's site. I've used it before, but I got tired of seeing the pop-up ads every time it updated. I was told you can disable the ads, but I moved on anyway.


While browsing around, I found out that Comodo includes an Antivirus application in it's Comodo Internet Security Suite. I've always been impressed by Comodo's firewall application.


Here are the steps I went through during installation.

1. I unchecked the Firewall application. I don't need it right now.

2. I chose not to allow the ThreatFire community suggestions because I think they only work with the Firewall.

3. I allowed the Comodo SafeSurf toolbar (for Internet Explorer) I don't use IE much and I know I can get rid of it easy if I don't like it.

4. I chose not to give my email address to Comodo.

5. I did allow Comodo to scan my system for viruses when it started the first time.


Comodo's Antivirus updated as soon as it fired up and started scanning my PC for viruses. I have tons of files on this box and it did take about 15 minutes. I don't think that's bad at all. However, it did pop up a few false alarms. Pay attention to what it considers to be malware or untrusted applications. Like most AV programs, it's not perfect and it will err on the side of alarm rather than acceptance. Comodo will allow you to ignore programs that you know are safe.


So far I'm happy with it. It updates daily and plays well with my other applications. I can't promise that it's the best but I wouldn't tell you not to use it.


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Quote from the website

  Comodo AntiVirus detects and removes threats that are present on your machine and forms an additional layer of security on top of the threat prevention offered by the Firewall component of Comodo Internet Security. In order to maintain maximum security levels, Comodo advise you to run regular AntiVirus scans.