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Combining Bookmarks from various browsers


On 7/8/06, Rick C wrote:


Hey Clif, I have a couple of questions for you i was hoping you could help me with.

As you know ZoneAlarm is no longer supporting the older windows versions.


I had to reformat one of my computers hard drive ( i have 3 computers all with 98SE and the Unofficial 98SE Service pack.) Now instead of being reminded every 60 days to update which they will not let me do, what would be YOUR recommened next free firewall suggestion. ie: Outpost, Sygate, Kerio ?? I value your opinion in this matter, as i feel you are very knowledgeable, ( Go ahead and take a bow).


The next question may be harder but now between IE, Firefox and Opera i have acquired in excess of over 3500+ favorites on my favorite list between all my computers and browsers, i would like to combine them all together and be able to access ALL of them from any computer perhaps via e-mail would be the best, alphabeticallized would be great. Do you know of any such program? Free would only sweeten the deal and then perhaps i could also talk you out of a free g-mail account to send them all to. Any idea's ?? Keep up the great work on your newsletters and my best to the family.






Hi Rick,


Thank you for writing in.




Try an older version at http://www.oldversion.com/ in the Security section. I've heard version 2.6 is one of the best older versions of ZA. There are other freeware firewalls and securityware available there as well.




I know I've seen something out there but the closest thing I'm familiar with is AmDeadlink which works with various browsers. Maybe someone out there reading this knows how to combine all those bookmarks? If so, drop me a line.




I'll send you an invitation.


Have fun!