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Crunzh cmdMail

Posted by ClifNotes, Jun 2008, permalink E-mail Programs


CmdMail is a simple utility that lets you send an email using the command line in Windows. In many cases, it's used to send text results from the output of a program using a DOS batch file or any other scripting language.


The program includes a regular GUI (graphical user interface) that allows you to set up the details that the command line utility uses when it runs. The details are stored in a text file called sender.dat. Since a file holds the settings, it's possible to create several different setups for different uses.


I have recommended this one twice recently. I'm not sure what people are using it for but I've used a similar program myself, years ago. Commail does exactly the same job but doesn't include a GUI for configuration.



Quote from the website

Crunzh cmdMail is a command line email program that can be used to send email either manually from the command line or be called from other scripts and programs.


The reason for creating cmdMail was that we discovered that CrunzhMail was used by a lot of people just to send easy emails from other programs. As CrunzhMail primarily was created to send easy email from a graphical user interface we decided to create a new program better suited for inter program operations without the overhead of a graphical user interface.


cmdMail is very light and is completely multi platform. It runs on every platform supported by the python programming language including, but is not limited to: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, MacOS 9, MacOS X, Linux, freeBSD etc.)


CmdMail is open source software (BSD license).