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Accenter - for help with accented text

notes from ClifNotes, May 2007, permalink Word Processing


Jack Alexander recently wrote and mentioned this little program.


It's really cool. Now when I write on Spanish forums I can do it properly (which I do on rare occasions). When I start writing or speaking Spanish, I find myself thinking in it too. LOL I actually have trouble stopping the syndrome ... comes from when I lived in Mexico in '99.


Quote from the website

While I was learning French, I noticed how difficult it was to remember all the alt + something keystrokes for the accented characters, so I created a program to help. This program is not much to look at, but it affords quick access to accented characters without memorizing lengthy alt key-code combinations. It also works with nearly all windows applications and text-windows. Pretty cool, eh?


In addition to language-based accents, it also provides quick access to the copyright © symbol, the registered trademark ®, the Yen symbol ¥, the Pound symbol £, the cent symbol ¢, and many more!