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YouMail - cellphone answering service (free during beta)

review from Tiffany, Jan 2007, permalink


From Tiffany:

Of all the really cool new applications being offered for cell phones today, this one has the potential to be the most fun, not to mention useful. YouMail allows cell phone customers to create unique, personalized voicemail greetings based on caller ID.


How does it work? YouMail will re-route your standard voice mail to their service allowing you to assign multiple voice mail messages to specific numbers. With YouMail, you're able to record customized greetings for each number on your cell phone: business like messages for your boss and co-workers, fun and silly messages for friends and family, and even an intimate or sexy one for that special person in your life!


If someone leaves you a message, you will receive a TXT, so you should check out your cell phone company's policy on text messages. They also offer a feature called "Ditchmail" which you can use for people you don't want to talk to, and hope they never call again. Hmmm.... an effortless way to ditch telemarketers? Or how about that kook who keeps calling.... the one you gave your number to after 4 Margaritas? Then, for all those unknown callers, i.e., wrong numbers and such, there is a default message you can use to handle all of them.


While you can access, record, delete, and manage messages directly from YouMail's site, it's also easy to record and assign a new custom email from your phone. While the initial set-up involves several steps, the instructions are easy to understand, complete with photos that walk you thru, step by step.


BTW, it's easy to change back and forth between your current voice mail and YouMail. YouMail is free for users who sign up now while there are still beta accounts available, but if you want one, better hurry; they're going fast!






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Quote from the website

YouMail is the new voice mail for cell phones. Among many features, it allows you to record unique voice greetings for anyone who calls you, based on their caller ID. Individualize your voice greetings for friends, family or important callers while maintaining a standard greeting for work and unknown callers.