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YoPoW - your photos on the web

review from Scott Williams at the FreewareArena


It is what most define as an "image gallery maker". It features a very nice step by step interface that allows users of any level to work the program.


But let me allow the program's author to elaborate better about - YoPoW, YoPoW renders the album pages, thumbnails including various effects, after specifying layout, fonts, font-sizes, font-colors, borders, border-colors, colors, titles, descriptions, navigation buttons and much more.

- No need of learning difficult template languages. Select the colors, fonts, sizes and so on and YoPoW generates the code for you.

- YoPoW features a preview of the thumbnails and your Web Album and allows you to view the HTML output, as well as the CSS code.

- YoPoW also supports projects, allowing you to save your work to continue later or reuse it for other jobs.

- You may use YoPow's FTP client to upload (or send or post) your Album files to your website.


YoPoW is a card ware

Cardware : if you like the program send a postcard of your town to the author, whose address is available within the program - see the help file :)


Download YoPoW

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