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Yahoo Mail Beta - a great free web mail product

review by ClifNotes, Sept 2006, permalink


I've had a Yahoo email account for nearly as long as they've been around. I've seen a few improvements in it over the years and I've also seen a few other web based email products that I feel are much better. I recently tried the newest spin on Yahoo email, and I'm really impressed.


Yahoo Mail Beta has learned a few lessons from some of the other email services like Gmail, and they've now got a real contender. You can drag and drop emails into folders and use keyboard shortcuts. It really is much better, but I still don't care for all the dumb flash advertisements that try to distract you while you are in your email. If they'd allow you to forward your email to other accounts and offer free pop3 access, I'd think about using them as my main email. Overall, the service is safe, good, very reliable, and they offer 1Gb of email space.


If you're curious about the new features of Yahoo Mail, take a look here.