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Review, Intellisync for Yahoo

by John Hood, Mar 2006


Ok, so you have a Palm PDA, or Outlook, or Eudora mail, or what have you, AND you have a Yahoo account. How do you keep calendar, contacts, notes and tasks, synchronized between the two, without retyping everything from one to the other? Relax. Yahoo's got your back.


What it does: Intellisync for Yahoo uses the powerful Intellisync software, long a standard with PDA users, to synchronise Yahoo calendar contacts, notes and tasks with any other application supported by intellisync (Palm Desktop, Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora are a few. Intellisync for Yahoo is available to all Yahoo mail account users, by going to the Calendar tab, and looking for the "sync" link in the upper right corner. It'll take you to the installer.


Setup is easy. After installation, you input your Yahoo username and password. From there go to "Setup," and select "Choose" and you can pick the program you want to sync with your Yahoo. Synchronisation across the two is a single-click affair. It's like backing up your local information to the web, or having your Yahoo info available locally.


Traps and tricks: Occasionally, Intellisync will duplicate a single data entry on the sync'ed program. Suddenly your PDA or Outlook or what-have-you will sport two copies of a contact, appointment, note or task. Deleting just the duplicate entry doesn't work. Instead delete both entries and resync with yahoo. End of problem.


Intellisync doesn't support multi-day appointments. I've learned to make single day appointments for each day.


These are small foibles in an otherwise terrific program! I love the convenience of having my PDA data available online, and online Yahoo data in my pocket. I can also edit my Palm data from my computer keyboard. Separate copies of Intellisync for Yahoo, at work and at home, mean that the same data is available no matter where I am.


If you need help, Yahoo has a great tutorial called "Working With Intellisync for Yahoo!"



John H.


Website: John's Best of Free Software