Xpy - disable undesired XP settings and services

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink System Tweaking


Here is a brief review of Xpy from Shankar Ganesh. I often visit his blog to see what he's been up to.

In addition to the stuff mentioned below, Xpy is a portable application and free open source software.


From Killer Tech Tips by Shankar Ganesh:


Enable or Disable Various Windows XP Settings Quickly using Xpy

Xpy is a very small but powerful software that can let you disable many Windows XP settings and program behaviour quickly at the click of a few buttons.


Secure Windows by disabling unsafe Windows settings


Using Xpy , you can disable over a hundred Windows settings, including:


• Disable Compressed Folders

• Disable File Association Web service

• Disable Net Crawling

• Disable Error Reporting

• Disable WGA Notifications

• Disable Error Reporting

• Disable Automatic Windows Updates

• Disable Windows Security Center

• Disable Windows Defender

• Disable Time Synchronization

• Disable Scheduled Task Service

• Disable Indexing Service

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