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Xenocode - Try all the web browsers without installing them

Posted by ClifNotes, March 2009, permalink Web Browser


Xenocode has some great freebies right now. You can download "sandboxed" versions of IE8, IE7, IE6, Safari, Firefox2, Firefox3, Chrome1 and Opera. What do they mean by sandboxed? These are all single executable files. No installation needed and they don't keep a history. They also won't affect any other browsers you already have.


Get 'em now while they're still available. Just click on the green icon displayed on each browser picture.



Quote from the website

Web designers, system administrators, and other users can now evaluate Internet Explorer 8, 7, and 6, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome directly from the web in a risk-free manner.  Unlike traditional software applications, Xenocode WebApps do not require any software to be installed and allow multiple application versions to run side-by-side on any version of Windows.