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X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows

posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2006, Permalink


10 years ago, I had to learn how to use Unix at work. This was before I'd ever heard of Linux and we were still using a mix of Windows 3.1 and Windows NT there. After a few minutes in Unix, I found a surprising difference between copying and pasting between Unix and Windows.


In Unix, the copy and paste are very simple. Highlight the text, left click where you want it and click your center mouse button. How could it be easier?


Now I'm enjoying the same functionality in Windows with the added bonus of the "focus follows mouse" for opening windows for use.


This isn't for everyone. My wife hates it. I love it and it takes awhile to get used to.


Just download the txmouse.exe file to a safe place on your hard drives, then add a shortcut to your Startup menu to make it auto-run when you boot.



You'll see this in your system tray




Quote from the website

Have you ever paid attention to striking difference in the thickness of forefingers in X11/Unix and MS Windows users, respectively? The latter have much more muscular forefingers that often suffer from chronic aches in their joints. They also much more often develop mouse arm, pain in the neck and shoulders, and other troubles known as Repetitive Stress Syndrome and associated with excessive usage of a pointing device. Why?


The explanation is simple: all X11 users benefit from the fact that no significant effort is needed to place a selected chunk of text into the clipboard and to fetch it from there. Unfortunately, this is not the case in MS Windows. Moreover, different applications require different procedures. For example, to simply copy the selected piece of text to the clipboard, you may need to

- choose Edit - Copy from the menu

- press a button with two pieces of paper on it

- use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Insert or Ctrl-C.


But this is only the beginning of the story. How do we paste the contents of the clipboard into an X-application? By middle-clicking once. (Note how the middle or the ring finger get their fair share of exercise.) How do they paste in Windows? In yet more ways than they copy:

- choose Edit - Paste from the menu

- press a button with a piece of paper on a clipboard

- press a button with a brush

- press a button with a bottle of glue

- Shift-Insert, Ctrl-V or Ctrl-P

and so on.


Besides that, the X11 users don't have to click-click-click with their mice only to move the focus from one window to another or to lower/raise a window - simple operations that require lots of clicks or just are impossible (lower!) in MS Windows.