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Create A Handy Toolbar For XP Desktop Icons

Website - Tip

tip by BillWebb at Lockergnome on 13 Oct 2005


Notes from Clif

This isn't something new, but it's a big time saver and almost miraculous if you've never used it before. I've been doing this at work for a couple years now and I still have people come over to my PC and ask me "How did you get those cool toolbars?". It's easy, and Bill does a super job of explaining it.


Tip from Bill

Is your desktop so cluttered with icons that you can’t see your wallpaper? Do you have to scan for thirty seconds to find the shortcut or file you’re looking for? If you have Windows XP, the solution is only a few clicks and drags away. (This may work with other versions of Windows, too. You can always try.)