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Windows Live Calendar is now available (beta)

review from ClifNotes, Nov 2007, permalink Web Service


Recently I received an email from Microsoft telling me that they have Windows Live Calendars Beta available for me. I already use Google Calendar, but I thought I'd give it a try.


Go to http://calendar.live.com, open up the calendar, sign in from a Windows Live ID and you're in.

(this will take you to Hotmail and the MSN calendar if you don't have the beta available)


I was impressed with the look and feel. If you have a Windows Live ID, you may want to try this out.


Quote from the website


See your schedule online—by day, week, or month. Add an event in seconds. Need to reschedule? It’s as easy as drag and drop.


Get reminders via e-mail, Windows Live Messenger, or text messages sent to your phone.* See your schedule in Microsoft Office Outlook or get it in an RSS feed.


Share your calendar with friends, and plan group events. Share just the info you want, and keep the rest private. See your personal, family, and group calendars all in one place.