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What's This File - identify running system processes

WTF page - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes, recommended by Chris, Dec 2005




Chris wrote me a week ago and told me he likes this little utility. The WTF program, short for "What's this file?", is a small freeware program that lists the current running processes on your PC and allows you to do a few cool things with them. The nicest feature is the "What is this?" feature. When you choose it, you are sent off to a google search for the process name. It usually brings up a good description of the process on the first page of the google search.





WTF (What's This File) is a simple method of checking what's running on your machine researching any Task found, and then ending the Task if required.


Best of all, unlike many tools in it's class, you don't need to study a large manual to use it.