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What's new with John Hood?

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From John:


Tue, Jan/09/2007


I've added a couple of programs, iDailyDiary was added to Calendars. and Scribus was added to graphics page as a Quark Express/Pagemaker replacement.


Also, I got a tip from Ken at Telus.nat that Nvu web page designer has almost stopped development. I check it out and it sure looks like it - the latest release was June of 2005. Ken says there is a development fork called Kompozer. I'm going to do some testing and see if it's the replacement. Thanks to Ken!


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Dec 1 2006

I went looking for clipboard keepers, which are helpful when you are pasting more than one thing to the clipboard. I went around and around and finally came back to my personal favorite, Arsclip. No install, you just run it.


Another nice application is Kana Reminder. This is a terrific replacement for the Windows Task Scheduler, which has an annoying knack of not running your scheduled tasks if you look at it wrong. Kana let's you do far more stuff than just run programs at a set time.


I used to be a big Yahoo buff (see below). I am rapidly switching to Google for free email, calendar, todo, and contacts. Why? It's a lot faster, the personalized home feature lets me display it all, and even better, I can send reminders and notes to my cell phone without lugging a PDA around. The downside, I tried Goosync, which syncs the phone calender to the Google one, but alas my carrier doesn't allow that kind of traffic (Warning, Cingular users! ...and Gcalsync doesn't work either!). Google Docs and Spreadsheets has improved the interface and I am a (grudging) user.


I'm adding OpenOffice Premium to the OpenOffice entry. Premium is an OpenOffice install that has all the bells, whistles and extras that you'd have to grab individually otherwise. It's pretty impressive.


John Hood's - The Best of Free Software for Business and Productivity