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Website Reviews






The 10,000-year Calendar

The3dGames.com - free 3d games, no install needed

AbbreviationZ - What do all those abbreviations in chat or forums mean?

Absolute Astronomy - it's in your stars

Advanced Mailto Encoder - adds many options to an email link

BannerBreak.com - Make your own banners for websites and email

Bill's Links and More - lots of great links to stuff you like

BrightSurf - lets you search science news

Caiman - a freeware gamer's paradise

Calendar of Updates - find out when to update your security programs

Coupon Codes & Deals - Coupons and promotional codes for saving money

Concise Freeware - new freeware index website

Clown Staples - What can I do with sndrec32?

DaFont.com - free fonts with custom previews

Dictionary.hm - your instant dictionary

DonationCoder.com Fundraiser and Software Giveaway

DontClickIt - Innovative Website

DunscraftBirdSearch - bird watching made easy

EverythingFree - a student's freeware website

ezHTMLarea - a remarkable web based html editor

Frapper - map the locations of your group members

Freebstuff.com - nice clean freeware

FutureMe - send emails to into the future

Google Modules - unique add-ons for your Google homepage

GoogleMoon - is the moon made of green cheese?

Google MyWay - make your own Google search page

How the DeathStar Works

Kiko - your personal calendar online

LinkShelf - your bookshelf of the Internet

TheListofLists - cool website links

MeeboChat - an all in one web based chat client

MostzWeb - 100mb of free online storage and more

My French Dictionary - choose pictures for the French words

National Geographic's Godzilla

Nibbles and Bytes - freeware blog by Brett Chistensen

OTIS - Online Technical Information Service

Optical Illusions - fooling around with your eyes

Panorama.dk - 360 degree panoramic photos

pbwiki - A tour through pbWiki, your free wiki

PbWiki - an easy to use personal website

PeanutButterWiki - a review by Brandon Watts

PhoneNotify - phone home from the web

Planzo.com - your free web calendar and reminder

Portable Freeware Collection - a great place for great freeware

PricelessWare2006 - the best of the best freeware

Public domain movie torrents

QualysBrowserCheckup - find the holes in your browser

ReadPrint - your free online library

RealTimeHtmlEditor - see your HTML come alive

RollYo - roll your own search engine

Samorost - beautifully animated flash adventure

SaveFile - lets your friends download your files

ScanIt - can you safely surf the big bad web?

Scroogle - search the net without ads

ShinyFeet.com - your all in one service provider

SourceForge - home of open source software

Spyware Warrior Guide to Anti-Spyware Programs

WebGrid - home to great freeware

Startup Application Knowledge Base - find out what's starting up on your PC

TasIndependentProgramming - independent source of freeware

ThinkFree Office Online - your personal online office

TopFreeware - making the top freeware easy to find

Trend Micro Coupons - Coupon codes from trend micro

TrashMailDotNet - Free temporary email forwarding

WikiHow - a do it yourself site that you can edit

Writely - web based document editor

YouSendIt - if it's too big for email