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WebFerret - desktop megasearch program

Website - NagWare

reviewed by ClifNotes, Jan 2006




WebFerret is a small program that will go out and search muliple websites for you. I've been using it a long time and I was recently asked to compare it to Copernic Agent. Both of them have free versions and many of the same free features. Copernic Agent is a much larger program and has more features than WebFerret but I don't even use all the features WebFerret has. The only thing I don't like about WebFerret is that it pops up a NAG screen before each use. They want you to buy the PRO version. No thanks, I like the free version just fine.



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Quote from WebFerret

Just type in your query and hit the Return key or click the search button. WebFerret directly queries almost a dozen popular search engines in parallel, virtually guaranteeing quality results for most searches, in seconds. As you watch the WebFerret Window fill with results, you can sort by page Name, Address, Source or Abstract. To view a web page, just double-click on a result and it will open in your Web Browser.