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WebAttack site is attacked

from ClifNotes, Sept 2006, permalink


Sometimes, even a great service like SiteAdvisor can get it wrong.


Two weeks ago, I received this letter from John F:

In your most recent issue, you mentioned that you like to shop at Snap Files. One reason you gave was that it's a safe site. I have been using Site Advisor (now owned by McAfee) and just recently it has been red flagging Snap Files as potentially an unsafe site. It won't stop me from going there. It's one of my favorite sites. Just thought you would want to know.




John F


He was right about the rating, but it was actually the webattack.com domain name that had the red flag and not the snapfiles.com domain. Both are actually the same website, as they've changed domain names sometime last year. So, when you click on any 'webattack' address, it takes you to their new domain, called 'snapfiles'.


Here are the ratings for SnapFiles and WebAttack if you are curious.


I wrote back and told John it wasn't the first time I'd seen this happen to a legitimate freeware site. Then I emailed SnapFiles to see what they had to say about it.


Subject: McAfee SiteAdvisor Rating for WebAttack.com


Hi there, I have recommended SnapFiles to many people in the past. I am curious about the McAfee SiteAdvisor rating for your old domain name of WebAttack.com. They have you rated as a "Red" zone. In other words, "Don't go here!". Can you tell me if you have had contact with them to resolve this issue? See http://siteadvisor.com and type in your old domain name to see the results.


Thank you,


Clif Notes

Hi Clif,


We already posted a comment on that page, you should see it if you scroll down. You can also look at the detail report to see what causes those warnings. There is nothing that can be done unless we stop offering PC activity monitors - tools for parents, teachers, schools , employers to monitor computer usage, restrict time on the PC, analyze network traffic etc. WebAttack.com and Snapfiles.com are 2 different names for the same site, both URLs point exactly to the same site. Why they have different ratings for the domains is beyond me.



"We carefully check all our downloads and hand-pick the software we include in our catalog. The "red downloads" that somehow were detected here are commercial PC monitoring programs. They are not viruses nor are they malicious. However they will monitor computer activities, usually intended to monitor kids or employees - they are like a surveillance camera for your PC. There are many commercial programs of this kind available and most anti-virus programs will warn you. This is a good thing because if they were installed without you knowing about it, then your privacy could be jeopardized. HOWEVER if you install these programs to monitor your own computer(s) then of course there is nothing wrong with it. These are NOT shady underground products, but software create by reputable companies."





Marco Gransee


WebAttack, Inc. / SnapFiles


Even though I recommend SiteAdvisor to most people, there's no reason to blindly trust all their ratings. After all, they're only human.