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Web Album Generator - creates photo albums for your website

Website - Freeware

reviewed by SamEdwards on 28 October 2005


Review by Sam



I wanted to make a quick photo album for my homepage. Coding all the html by hand for an album, while possible kept this project from my "done" pile of work. I found Web album generator on Nedwolf's site, which lists lots of free software packages.


Ease of installation

I downloaded the program from the site and installed it without any problems. No virus or spyware warnings noted.


Ease of use

The program is pretty easy to run. I did not bother reading any manuals and just tried to run it. With only a few options on the main screen like "add photos" or "open a previous album" even someone like me could easily create an album.


The program automatically generates a thumbnail index and generates all the html pages. Upload the pages to your homepage and voila you have an album. You can select colors, add captions, and other "advanced" options. You can select the size for the photos in your album and it will automatically change the size of all of the photos you select.



None so far


Things you would like to see added

Nothing really



Works as advertised, easily creates albums and generates the necessary html files.

Ease of use: A

Features: A




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Recently featured on Tech TV, Web Album Generator has appeared on television and in computer magazines across the world, consistently praised for its quality and ease of use!



Automatic thumbnail creation

Photograph resizing / resampling

Customizable photo album presentation

Drag and drop image support

Provide titles and captions for each photo

No knowledge of HTML required

XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 conformance

Easy to use and free