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vURL Desktop Edition (alpha) - website dissection when you need it

review by ClifNotes, Sept 2006, permalink



I recently tried out a program from StevenBurn called vURL. This little stand-alone program allows you to type in a website address and immediately view the source code of the website. This is done without the use of your typical web browser and this also means that if it's a bad website, it can't attack you through any potential holes in the browser.


vURL may not be useful to the average person, but if you know a little bit of HTML or scripting languages, you can often figure out how the website is trying to attack people. There is also a web version of this program that Steven has been running on his website for years. Thank you Steven.





The vURL website


Quote from the website

vURL Desktop Edition (vURL DE) is the desktop version of the extremely popular vURL service that we've been running for quite some time now.


This application has been developed solely to provide those that like our service, an alternate method of doing such. This edition also helps to save on my own server costs as it is entirely standalone*, requiring only your own internet connection.


vURL Desktop Edition currently allows you to get and save the source code of any website you fancy with the click of a button, and additionally, see a list of files it currently links to.


As with the online version of the vURL service, this application is and will remain, completely free for both personal and business use.