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Vista Customization Pack - trick out WinXP

review from Matt at The Freeware Blog, Apr 2006


Vista Customization Pack is a tool to turn your Windows XP (with SP2) into Windows Vista, visually. It basically changes the appearance and organisation of icons. However this tool doesn’t exactly to the real Vista theme.


Key features:


  • New Installer offering two different setup options
    • Full Installation
    • Goodies (Aero Visual Style, Styler Toolbar themes, The WB Skin, Wallpaper)
  • Language Independant
  • Dialogues are customized
  • IconCache rebuild
  • New System & Desktop Properties
  • New Wallpapers
  • Uninstaller (Revert your system easily)
  • DLL Patching (similar to Brico’s Pack)
  • Msstyle and WB 5 Theme
  • New Icons Installation
  • Modded UXTheme
  • Windows Media Player 11 Skin
  • New Screensavers (Aurora)
  • New tray icons(audio and network)


Link: Vista Customization Pack




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