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A visit with Tom Mercado

review from ClifNotes, Mar 2007, permalink _ Web Service


Last month, I was in California for my son's marriage. My wife and I had a great time there and we really hated to leave. The real problems came when we arrived at the airport and found that most flights to the east had been cancelled because of a snow storm. We ended up taking a flight to Phoenix that day hoping we could catch a flight from there to Ohio. The flight to Pheonix was a quick and uneventful trip and after a little calling around we were able to arrange for a room at a local hotel.


After settling in at the hotel, my wife reminded me that Tom Mercado lived in Phoenix. She wasted no time and jumped on the internet and left him a message on Yahoo Messenger. The next morning Tom called us and we met in the hotel lobby before we went to the airport. Tom and I had a nice visit. He's as generous and friendly in person as he is online.


We finally got back to Ohio after a whirlwind tour of 3 more airports, but I'll always remember our visit with Tom. Be sure to drop by Tom's website if you ever need help removing spyware or adware infections. He and his friends at temerc.com will find the time to help you through the removal process.


Quote from the website

In these forums you will find lots of good useful information and tips, not to mention you can post your questions and one of our members will be able to specifically address your issue.


Website - http://temerc.com

Forums - http://temerc.com/phpBB2/