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Vippy - see your text cursor more easily

review by ClifNotes, Jul 2006


Vippy is one of those little programs that can make a big difference every day on your PC. If you sometimes struggle to see your text cursor on a page full of text, Vippy can help. It changes the color of the text cursor from black to red.


If you don't care for red, I've figured out how to change it to any color you want. Just use a freeware icon/cursor editor like IconArt to edit and change the cursors in the Vippy install folder. Just make sure you back up the original Vippy icons somewhere before you change them. I like blue, (have you noticed?) so I changed mine to blue.



Quote from the website

Do you find it hard to locate your cursor, and mark the insertion point in your documents? You're not the only one. That's why you'll love Vippy, the mouse pointer you can't lose, because it's red. The difference is clear.


web page no longer exists, use download link:



Download Link: