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VHS to DVD in Six Steps - online course for you

Notes from ClifNotes, Feb 2008, permalink Web Service


There are lots of cool places to learn things on the net. I sometimes sign up for a course at CNET. They provide great material and a great line of communication with the instructors.


If you have your own methods of saving your VHS tapes to DVD using free tools, be sure to comment below and give us the details. Maybe CNET will hire you as an instructor.


Quote from the website

Take your stacks of old VHS tapes and save them to convenient DVDs. In this course, you’ll learn how to convert your analog VHS videotapes to digital so that you can then burn movies onto a DVD.


In this course, you’ll learn how to :


• Connect your VCR to an analog-to-digital converter.

• Connect your analog-to-digital converter to your PC.

• Configure your video-editing software.

• Capture the video.

• Edit the video you have captured.

• Edit the audio in your video.

• Burn your edited video to DVD