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Ultra CPU Monitor - freeware CPU monitoring

review by wr975 at DonationCoder, Sept 2006, permalink, Source, _ System Monitoring


From Clif

I often visit DonationCoder to see what they are up to there. It's great place to pick up freeware and find good deals on software that you must pay to aquire. They also devote a special section of the forums for mini-reviews, and the review below is just one example of the fine work they do.


Review from wr975


Basic Info


App NameUltra CPU Monitor
App URLhttp://www.darmon.homeip.net/software/ultra-cpu-monitor/index_eng.html
App Version Reviewed1.2
Supported OSesW2K/XP, unsure about W9x
Support MethodsNone mentioned. Probably email.
Pricing SchemeFreeware. Author asks for a postcard if you like it.





This is my first mini-review and English is not my native language, so please... be nice.


I like to see the CPU activity all the time. I know a minimized taskman can do it, but I accidently close it all the time. So for many years I've used Active CPU and thought there'd be never another tool of its kind, but today I found something better: Ultra CPU Monitor. I don't like programs with SUPER or ULTRA in their name (sounds like cheap hype) but I still gave it a try.



Who is this app designed for:


Power users who like to know what's happening with their system. If the PC acts "sluggish" for no reason and you see CPU = 100% you know at instant something's not correct. You also know at one glance if the PC is still busy with some task (MP3 encoding).



The Good


The good thing about this app is of course the price no one can beat. Also it's not showing a "block" like taskman or Active CPU do, but a real graphical presentation (diagram) of the CPU load.


So, instead of



you'll see



You can extend it to up to 8 tray icons, to expand the "history"



Or use a tray icon as number.



Colors can be changed



and, last but not least, the update interval can be adjusted. (no picture).



The needs improvement section


I guess there's not much to improve. As I started it the first time it took 30 MB memory, but dropped to 9 MB. That's not much for an application these days. Active CPU consumed 7 MB.


Slighty annoying:


  • Clicking on info starts the about box (as it should) but also opens your browser to load the homepage.
  • To save the settings you've to select "Save settings" in the tray menu. I'm lazy... Autosave please!





Why I think you should use this product


Anyone who likes to see the current CPU load all the time.



How does it compare to similar apps


The graphical presention (with history) makes it unique. Don't know of any other application doing this only.





Instant keeper and after many, many years Active CPU had to go.



Links to other reviews of this application


Since I mentioned it various times, here's the link to Active CPU (also freeware): http://www.protect-me.com/freeware.html


Read the rest of this forum post to see more improvements the author of Ultra CPU Monitor has made.