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What is True Freeware?


I look to more experienced people for good definitions.


Scott at FreewareArena says:


* - Is it NOT shareware, a trial,a demo, contain spyware, or contain adware that is intrusive << These are the key initial tests, if any of these are failed, I go no further with the program/app.

For as I have repeatedly stated since 1997 on this site, I am NOT anti shareware or other 'wares' wherein the developer(s) seek renumeration for their original works, that is their choice, I merely reflect that this is a freeware only site. And in that, listings on FreewareArena are arrived at to reflect such.

  • - Does the program/app do what is "claims" to do.
  • - Does it peform the previous requirement effectively in my testing.
  • - Is it majorly error/bug free (if not 100%); this is to say that it is not impossible for another user to possibly encounter errors or such on their system depending on various factors and variables.
  • - Also, does the program overtly and blatantly "rip-off" another program. I don't mean does it do very similarly what another program does, but rather is it the SAME as another program save for perhaps a different graphic/logo or other tiny "alteration" I have no tolerance for plagarism.


Again, these are the initial and basics that I use as a guide for what may eventually be listed. And I provide this so as to inform potential submitters of programs/apps, so as to not waste their valuable time that could be best served submitting their programs to a site that has different criteria.


StevenBurn at UR I.T. Mate says:


  1. Does not contain adverts
  2. Does not require payment (in ANY form)
  3. Does not require fee's for documentation or support
  4. Does not contain spyware or other malware (optional or otherwise)
  5. Does not restrict distribution
  6. Does not have time, or function limits
  7. Does not require registration (in ANY form)
  8. Does not "force" you to visit the authors website